Friday, November 4, 2016

When You Can't Decide and Have to Make a Decision

Don't think of what-ifs and what might have been.
There's no one true path. Our destinies change and our happiness depends on us, not on God.
We cannot entrust our decisions solely to him, then be unhappy and blame Him for it.

Do not doubt.
Have faith.
Do not overthink.

Do not be a passive traveler in life

Sometime we have to make a decision.
To take control and believe.

That whatever happens, we can get through it.

There will always be something that we can do
Our circumstances do not define us.
We are more than that.

Don't over-guess things
and make yourselves sick
Do what makes you happy
You don't owe your happiness to anyone.


I prayed last night.
Please read this blog post and pray. A Prayer for Wisdom and Peace when Making BIG Decisions

To quote:

We will search the Scriptures, but not looking for proof texts but for you, Father. All we want and need is you.
Free us from the paralysis of analysis—wanting make the right decision, more than we want to be righteous people; wanting to be known as wise people, more than we want to know you.
Free us from the idolatry of assuming there’s only one “perfect” choice in any given situation. 

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